Be captivated by the exhibition Te Kitenga o Hina as it shares the sacred seasons of Aotearoa: Takurua (Winter), Kōanga (Spring), Raumati (Summer), and Ngahuru (Autumn). Discover the significance of the māramataka, the revered Māori lunar calendar, as it guides māra kai and Māori agricultural practices.

In Taranaki, initiatives are underway to revive ancient food preservation customs. Explore local communities behind the revitalisation, and witness how the significance of māra kai is being passed down to future generations.

Enter Te Kitenga o Hina through a tunnel where you can look up into the night sky and immerse yourself in the celestial world. Be mesmerised by the beauty of the moon and its different phases, complemented by stunning star constellations that determine planting, harvesting, and seed saving.

Step into the four seasons and engage with interactive experiences. Through "A Journey to Sustainable Food" explore how the principles of the māramataka and sustainable food practices intertwine. Scan produce for information on its origin, cultivation, process, and harvest timeline, as well as receiving tips on how to grow sustainably.

This exhibition is developed in collaboration with the local community and showcases taonga Māori from Puke Ariki's rich collection of tools used in māra kai.

14 October 2023 - 28 April 2024
Lane Gallery, Level 2 Library
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Suitable for all ages
Fully accessible