Puke Ariki has four curators who look after the different parts of the collection.

Pictorial Collection

This collection includes photographs and fine arts, such as paintings and works on paper.

Chanelle Carrick
Poutiaki Kohinga Whakaahua | Curator Pictorial Collection
Email: chanelle.carrick@npdc.govt.nz
Phone: 06 759 6060

Social History Collection

This collection includes furniture, militaria, domestic ware, industrial items, natural history specimens, textiles and clothing.

Megan Wells
Poutiaki Hītori-ā-Pāpori | Curator Social History
Email: megan.wells@npdc.govt.nz
Phone: 06 759 6060

Taonga Māori Collection

This collection comprises Māori artefacts ranging from carvings, textiles, implements and archaeological finds to contemporary Māori art and craft.

This position is currently vacant. Please contact any of the other curators for Taonga Māori.

Archives Collection

This collection includes personal papers, architectural plans, maps, voluntary group archives, business archives, and Taranaki regional newspapers.

Lucy Macfarlane
Poutiaki Pūranga | Curator Archives
Email: Lucy.Macfarlane@npdc.govt.nz
Phone: 06 759 6060