Puke Ariki encourages the use of images from the heritage collection. The museum has a responsibility to protect the integrity of the collection and to ensure all images are used appropriately we ask that the following conditions are met:

Permission must be obtained from Puke Ariki prior to the reproduction of any images from its collections, exhibitions or interior spaces. The intended use must be stated on Puke Ariki’s image order form. Puke Ariki reserves the right to refuse any request to reproduce material and may place conditions of usage on the material. Permission will be granted for the specified purpose only. All further requirements to reproduce material must be referred back to Puke Ariki for permission.

Any reproduction of images from the collection must acknowledge Puke Ariki and the item’s accession number must be included in any image caption. Images used on websites or in other digital formats must be displayed in low resolution and accompanied by the following text: Not to be re-used without prior permission from Puke Ariki.

Image alterations
Images must not be retouched or altered without permission from Puke Ariki. If permission is granted images must be clearly labelled as altered.

A copy of any published material containing Puke Ariki images must be provided to Puke Ariki free of charge.

Māori material
All requests to reproduce material with Māori content will be referred to the Curator Pictorial collection in the first instance and Taonga Māori Curator where necessary. The applicant may be required to contact the relevant iwi, hapū or whānau to request permission to reproduce the material. Once permission is granted a written statement must be provided to Puke Ariki stipulating the endorsement with details of the proposed usage of the material and by whom.

Puke Ariki does not hold copyright for all material in the collection. Where a current copyright holder is identified, prior permission must be obtained to reproduce material. Some material in Puke Ariki’s collections, image library, and on its website are reproductions from originals in other institutions or private collections. Requests for this material will be forwarded to the original owner.

While every effort is made to ensure that collection items are free from restrictions it is the users’ responsibility to clear copyright and to meet any other requirements placed on the item by the owner, donor or creator of the original.

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