The Silk HouseKatye Nunn

The Silk House is a fabulous gothic ghost story that had me enthralled from the very first page.

It follows the experiences of a young servant girl named Rowan, living in the 1700s. After being orphaned she obtains a position in the house of a silk merchant and his wife. Rowan has learned the healing arts from her late mother; others are suspicious of her unusual talents. 

The book travels between the past and the present seamlessly telling the story of three fascinating women. 

The SIlk House.jpg

Through Rowan, the servant; Mary, a talented artist and silk pattern designer; and Thea, a teacher living in the present, we uncover the story of the silk house. When Thea moves into the house it is a boarding school hostel and is troubled by strange happenings. The past is trying to communicate something to the current inhabitants. The silk house is hiding a secret… a secret that it wants resolved.

You will be tantalised by the twists and turns, and kept guessing by the many threads. What is significant? A silk pattern that seems to enthrall people, the housekeeper who may be a ghost or the hint of the true story of sisters who were witches and may still haunt the area. This is a book that’s hard to put down. Shudderingly fabulous!