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Te Takapou Whāriki Gallery

Based in Te Takapou Whāriki, the Museum’s taonga Māori Gallery, this lesson can explore the arrival of the East Polynesian people to Taranaki. 

Through the stories of the taonga on display, ākonga will learn how Tangata Whenua carved out a home under the shadow of Taranaki Mounga. We will look at the use of natural resources, connection to place, and how things have changed over time. 

New Zealand Curriculum Links:

Social Sciences/NZ Histories - Big Ideas: Māori history is the foundational and continuous history of Aotearoa New Zealand. Interactions change societies and environments.

Technology: Level 1-5

NCEA: History Levels 1-3



Puke Ariki Museum
Available all year
Year level
Junior students (Year 0 – 10)
Senior students (Year 11 – 13)
1 hour and 15 minutes
Free for Taranaki schools, $5 per students for schools outside of Taranaki
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