Voxby Christina Dalcher

When I read this book all I could think of was how quickly women’s rights and voices could be silenced - think A Handmaid's Tale.

Vox is set in the very near future, the religious right has complete control over the United States government. In a matter of weeks women go from equal to zero. No longer able to work, read or write, they can only leave the house to shop. The brutal way in which this is achieved, is by ensuring all women and girls over a certain age are only allowed to speak 100 words per day, on pain of a 1,000 volt electrical shock delivered through a bracelet it is compulsory to wear.


Enter our heroine, Dr Jean McClellan, a specialist coerced into helping to save the President’s brother after a skiing accident. She is livid that her little daughter is not allowed to read, write or speak and will not grow up to be all she could be. Jean and other women on the team have had their bracelets removed but are closely monitored with the utmost security and surveillance. Yes, it gets grimmer as they realise the real agenda underneath it all.

A dystopian, grim world that yells at us not to be complacent of all that has been achieved for human rights.

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