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Aotearoa New Zealand is famous for its unique plants and animals.

In this lesson students will compare the life stories of two beautiful New Zealand endemic bird species: the huia and kōkako.

The huia was driven to extinction while the conservation of kōkako throughout New Zealand is becoming a celebrated success story. In Taranaki due to ongoing hard work two populations of kōkako have been established.

Activity stations will be run in the interactive Taranaki Naturally exhibition.

Key Questions

Q) What is special about New Zealand’s wildlife?

Q) What happened to the huia?

Q) How have kōkako been saved from the brink of extinction?


Examining the New Zealand biota is the closest we will get the opportunity to study life on another planet.  

Jared Diamond  
Civilization Scholar                                                                                                

Puke Ariki Museum
Terms 1, 2 ,3 ,4
Year level
1 hour and 15 minutes
Free for Taranaki schools, $5 per students for schools outside of Taranaki
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