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This is an online lesson that will compliment a primary or secondary unit focused on encouraging biodiversity (native plants and animals) in the school or home garden environment.   

A number of skills will be used including research, identification (plant and animal), planning, individual and team work.


Provided is an educational video, practical activities, fact cards and useful web links.  

New Zealand Curriculum links:

Science: This topic covers elements of the Nature of Science, including investigating in science, communicating in science and Participating and contributing. It also focuses on the Living World, including life processes and ecology. 

Social Sciences: This topic covers aspects of Social Studies related to people, their interaction with the environment, communities and management of resources.

English/Te Reo: Speaking, Writing, Presenting

Visual Arts: Developing Practical Knowledge: Observational Drawings/Painting/Photography     


Year level

Be a Backyard Hero Video

Join our educator Nathan to find out what you can do in your backyard.


Biodiversity is very important but what is it and why do we need to have it?

We've developed some questions and answers that will help you understand biodiversity and why it is important in your backyard.


Bug Fact Cards

Gardens are full of fascinating insects and animals. Check out the fact cards to learn about some of the bugs that could live in a garden near you.

Backgarden Activity Cards

We've developed a set of activities that you can do in your garden. Some will take only a short time to complete, others are bit more complex.