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Francis Hamar Arden, The Limit of the Sap at Te Arai (1861), collection of Puke Ariki

Education classes Term 1 2022

We are unable to provide EOTC classes during term 1 2022. For more information please see the Schools page.


This half-day field-trip to Brixton and Huirangi near Waitara, provides a unique insight into the events around significant Taranaki War sites. An experienced local guide will tell the stories and provide the opportunity to reflect and discuss the different perspectives of events that occurred at Te Kōhia Pā, Pukerangiora Pā and the Peka Peka Block.

Achievement standards linked to this topic

Level 1: AS 91003, AS 91005, AS 91229
Level 2: AS 91230.
Level 3: AS 91434, AS 91435, AS 91436, AS 91437.

Art History
Level 1:
AS 91015, AS 91017
Level 2: AS 91180, AS 91185, AS 91186.

Tour Information

This tour is weather dependent. Please meet at 9.30am on Tate Road on the outskirts of Waitara. If you are coming from New Plymouth on SH3, turn left onto Raleigh Street, then right onto Tate Road. Maps are included in the pre-visit information.

Students should bring:
Warm clothes
Camera (optional)

Various locations
Available all year (except June) and weather dependent.
Year level
Senior students (Year 11 – 13)
Half day
Free for Taranaki schools, $5 per student for schools outside Taranaki
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