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G. Baxter, Untitled (the landing of Reverend Mr Creed at New Plymouth, February 1841) (1844), collection of Puke Ariki

Plymouth Company was created to bring European Settlement to Taranaki from Southern England, predominantly the counties of Cornwall, Dorset, Devon and Bristol. These people were promised more than they found and the harsh realities of settling in a new environment would have been impossible without the support from local Māori. This lesson focuses on the reasons for their migration, what they endured on the trip and how they adapted when they got here.

Junior students (Year 0 - 10) 

Students will learn about what it was like for European children and their families once they arrived in Taranaki

The gallery has interactive activities and tasks to complete as well as classroom time.

Older students will consider the effects of European settlement and the impact of colonisation on Taranaki Māori.

New Zealand Curriculum links

Social Sciences: This topic covers many elements of Social Studies Levels 1-5.
Technology: The Nature of Technology: This topic covers elements of Characteristics of Technology Levels 1-5.


Puke Ariki Museum
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Junior students (Year 0 – 10)
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