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Stick 'em up! The Story of New Plymouth's Highwayman

Over 100 years ago New Plymouth residents were scared and awed by a mystery highwayman, who robbed the rich but not the poor. 

Like any good mystery the masked man came a cropper in a showdown in the local Criterion hotel. Here his mask was removed and his identity was finally revealed.

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"The Highwayman" - Robert Wallath (July 1893). William Andrews Collis. Collection of Puke Ariki (PHO2002-1009).

Top Cat

Do you sometimes wonder if your cat does anything other than eat and sleep? Ginger the mountain cat is proof not all cats are Garfield. He was the first cat to climb Mount Taranaki. This photograph was taken at the summit on 16 January 1917 on his first ascent.  

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Ginger the cat_ pho2012_cropped2.jpg

Ginger the cat and Harry Williams on Mount Taranaki (1917). Collection of Puke Ariki (PHO2012-0645).