What kind of art are you looking for?

Artworks in any media are encouraged, from ceramics, whakairo, textiles, paintings, photography and more. The artworks can vary in size, large or small – the temporary gallery space at Puke Ariki can house large scale artworks, so think big if you wish! Home Work: Taranaki Art 2020 will celebrate art that can only be created and seen here in our region.

Is there are an age limit for artists?

Yes, you need to be 18 years or over.

Does the subject of the artwork have to be Taranaki?

Artists can be inspired by our region but it is not a requirement to have a Taranaki scene represented literally in your artwork. In 2020, Puke Ariki encourage artists to submit an artwork that embodies the exhibition’s theme of Tuku Iho: raising awareness of traditions that are passed down through generations. Taranaki artists are invited to represent this theme and submit an artwork which will enable us to think about how this era of artists will influence future generations.


Does the artwork have to be brand new or just unseen?

Please select an artwork that has been created within the last 18 months. It is preferable if the chosen artwork has not been on display in a previous exhibition in Taranaki.

Do I have to be based in Taranaki?

Yes, you must live in Taranaki.

Can I submit more than one artwork?

No, the selection panel will only consider one artwork per artist. Submit an artwork that is representative of your creative direction or something you are really proud of.

What size should the artwork be?

The artworks can vary in size, large or small – the temporary gallery space at Puke Ariki can house large scale artworks, so think big if you wish!

What dates will you need the artwork by?

If your artwork is selected for display in Home Work: Taranaki Art 2020, the artist must deliver the artwork to Puke Ariki by 1 April 2020. Our team will condition report the artwork onsite.

When will my artwork be returned to me?

The Puke Ariki exhibitions team will work with you to arrange a specific time to collect your artwork after the conclusion of Home Work: Taranaki Art 2020. This will be specified in the loan agreement. It will be late August 2020.

Are you able to sell artworks on show?

NPDC’s Puke Ariki does not act as a representative seller for any of the artworks on display during the exhibition. If there is an expression of interest from a potential buyer, the artist can negotiate directly with them. The artwork must stay on display at Puke Ariki for the dates specified in the loan agreement. Please read the Terms and Conditions or contact us  if you have any questions.


Are there any incentives associated with Home Work 2020?

There are no awards for Home Work: Taranaki Art 2020. However works may be considered for inclusion in the Puke Ariki collection (refer to Clause 22 of Terms and Conditions). 

Visitors to the exhibition will have the opportunity to choose their favourite work for the Home Work: Taranaki Art 2020 People’s Choice.

Do the pieces need to be framed?

Yes, it's your responsible for framing your artwork. 

Are there any public programmes to participate in?

Yes, there will be multiple public programmes – i.e. artist-run workshops, public talks and interactive activities for young people hosted at Puke Ariki during this exhibition.

Are there any public programmes I can help facilitate?

Puke Ariki will invite artists to contribute to our public programming events.

Can NPDC employees take part?

Yes, all artworks by artists living in Taranaki will be considered by our selection panel.

I want to speak to someone about submissions, who do I contact?

The contact person at Puke Ariki is Laura Campbell, Curator of Home Work: Taranaki Art 2020. You can contact her via email.