In collaboration with the New Zealand Book Awards for Children and Young Adults, join us to hear two of the shortlisted picture book titles being read aloud by our librarians Linley and Vincenza. Vincenza is reading Mini Whinny: Goody Four-Shoes by Stacey Gregg and Linley is reading Abigail and the Birth of the Sun by Matthew Cunningham.

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Mini Whinny: Goody Four-Shoes by Stacey Gregg

Mini Whinny, the mischievous little horse, plans to escape her annoyingly perfect stable neighbour! Goody Four-Shoes is the everything. She’s graceful. She can jump really, really high. And her mane is too perfect. Mini Whinny doesn’t like her. Not one little bit. So naughty little Mini Whinny decides to run away.

Abigail and the Birth of the Sun by Matthew Cunningham

Abigail is a curious little girl. She likes to discover the answers to really BIG questions.
One night, she thinks of a question that's SO BIG she can't sleep until she knows the answer. Join Abigail on a magical night-time adventure to discover how the sun, moon and planets came into being.