The Fowl Twinsby Eoin Colfer

Myles and Beckett Fowl are the 11 year old twin brothers of Artemis Fowl. Through no fault of their own they are left alone one night with only the house security system NANNI to look after them. What could possibly go wrong?! Throw in a magical troll, a determined nobleman, a manic nun and loads of other fabulous creatures and let the adventure begin!

Being a life-long Artemis Fowl fan I couldn’t wait for the adventure to continue with his younger brothers Myles and Beckett. Could Colfer keep his special mix of magic, fantasy and humour alive without Artemis? The answer is most definitely ‘yes’!

The Fowl Twins.jpg

I just love the fabulous imagination that Colfer brings to all his stories, his trademark humour and wonderful assortment of magical creatures and scenarios. The Colfer ‘magic’ is back with a vengeance! If you fell in love with the Artemis Fowl series then you will enjoy this new take on the Fowl family. Written more with middle grade readers in mind it’s a great introduction to the Fowl dynasty and a gateway into the teen series and the movie due for release in May this year

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