Puke Ariki
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about us

“At Puke Ariki we aim to inspire creativity and enrich lives by promoting the heritage of Taranaki and connecting local people and visitors to new ideas and other cultures from around the world.

Te hiringa ā rangi, te hiringa ā nuku, te hiringa o te Puke Ariki, kia tupu te toiora, kia tupu te toi auaha o te tangata, pupu mai ai i a Taranaki o mua ki Taranaki o naianei, honohono ake te hunga kāinga, te motu me te ao ki ngā aronga hou, ki ngā ara huhua o tikanga kē, o iwi kē.”

Puke Ariki is an innovative museum, library and information centre that combines learning, knowledge, resources and heritage objects for a visitor experience that is like no other.
Sited in New Plymouth, Taranaki, between the majestic Mount Taranaki and the wild Tasman Sea, Puke Ariki is a place of wonder, of excitement, of discovery and adventure.
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Governed by the New Plymouth District Council, Puke Ariki is a triumph of the partnership between central government, regional government and businesses that encapsulates a spirit of generosity, vision and co-operation.
Four permanent exhibitions explore Taranaki’s past, present and future – telling the stories of the people and the region through displays, technology, multi-media and the people themselves – so there is always something new to learn and amazing to see. Puke Ariki is currently on a journey of change to update and refresh the long-term galleries - check out the plans for the future here.
Puke Ariki is a place where people come together and where there is a place for everyone.