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Taranaki Stories

These stories capture the very essence of Taranaki – the people and the landscape.
They record the achievements of those who live here, the struggles of the first settlers, the determination to overcome challenges, those who have made their mark on not only their own, but also future generations.
But the stories are not just about hardship – they are also inspiring, thrilling, mystifying, enlightening and entertaining.


Taranaki Stories

Showing stories tagged as women.

Margaret Smith’s Mayoral Milestone

by Virginia Winder on 14 December 2009

When Margaret Smith became Taranaki's first woman mayor she ruffled a few egos on the way. Margaret won the Eltham local body post in October 1980 then chose Audrey de Jong as her deputy. This sparked a few jocular remarks: ‘How are we going to get on with two women at the top?’ Margaret remembers Audrey's swift reply: "What's the difference? Forever, we've had two men." Although Margaret...

From Milking Sheds to Making Wedding Dresses to Changing the Rape Law – Joyce Crowley, QSO, JP

by Rhonda Bartle on 14 December 2009

It's interesting to read in Joyce Crowley's memoirs that her mother was the first woman in New Zealand elected to a school committee.   But her mother was elected simply because a quorum was needed and they were one member short. "So onto that committee went mother!" Joyce writes in her memoirs A Woman Ahead of her Time.   Nothing in Joyce Crowley's life has ever been left much to chance. Once...

Grannie Evans – a remarkable woman

by Sorrel Hoskin on 14 December 2009

It was late evening when Ann Evans answered a knock at the door of her little Hawera home. Her children were fast asleep in bed as she opened the door to find a group of Maori on her porch. A man stepped forward and asked her to accompany them to treat a sick friend. Unquestioningly she agreed.   Wrapping a shawl around her shoulders and grasping her medical bag tightly in her hand she mounted a...

An uplifting experience – Max Rutherford

by Sorrel Hoskin on 14 December 2009

If you're a woman into martial arts, fencing or paintball - chances are you'll be abreast of Max Rutherford's designs. The New Plymouth man's chest protectors have been safeguarding the world's sportswomen for the past 20 years.   But just how does a former international motor racing mechanic end up designing women's protective underwear?   From bolts to breasts Max Rutherford's calling was...

Harsh Life for Early Polish settlers

by Virginia Winder on 14 December 2009

At the back of a fireplace pure pork sausages hang like a row of giant toes. They are away from the flames, strung in the path of grey-blue smoke curling, swirling up the chimney. As the sausages are slowly, gently, seductively cured, the pungent smell of garlic and fragrant meat fills the old one-room lean-to on ‘German Street’. Hanging in the back porch are the sensory...