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Parihaka Pathfinder


Subject searches using the library catalogue

The library catalogue can be used in-house at Puke Ariki or accessed here.
Some subjects to try include:
  • Maori - New Zealand - Parihaka - Biography
  • Parihaka Incident
  • Parihaka (N.Z.) - History - Juvenile literature
  • Parihaka (N.Z.) - History
  • Parihaka (N.Z.) - Fiction
  • Te Whiti-o-Rongomai, 1831-1907
  • Tohu Kakahi, 1828-1907

Te Whiti and Tohu - selected items from the library collection

Duff, Alan. "Erueti Te Whiti o Rongomai III" in Alan Duff's Maori heroes (Auckland, Random House, 2000) TRC Maori Collection z920.093 DUF
New Zealand. Dept. of Native Affairs Further reports from officers in native districts: Taranaki, Wanganui, Otaki  (Wellington, Govt. Print, 1871) TRC Glass Case Oversize z993.022 NEW

The  new Oxford history of New Zealand (Wellington, Oxford University Press, 2009) TRC993 NEW
Mitcalfe, Barry. "The Book and the plough" in Nine New Zealanders (Christchurch, Whitcombe and Tombs, 1963) TRCM920.0931 MIT
Smith, Ailsa. Ko Tohu Te Matua : the story of Tohu Kakahi of Parihaka : a thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Master of Arts in Maori Studies in the University of Canterbury (Canterbury, University of Canterbury, 1990) TRCM993.48 SMI

Ward, John P. Wanderings with the Maori prophets, Te Whiti and Tohu (with illustrations of each chief): being reminiscences of a twelve months companionship with them, from their arrival in Christchurch in April 1882, until their return to Parihaka in March 1883 (Christchurch, Kiwi Publishers, 1999) TRC Maori Collection TRCM920 WAR

Parihaka and its place in New Zealand history - selected items from the library collection
Articles on Te Whiti and Parihaka appearing in the New Zealand Herald during 1985 (Auckland, New Zealand Herald, 1895) TRC Maori Collection TRCM993.48 ART
Belich, James. I shall not die, Titokowaru's war, New Zealand, 1868-9 (Wellington, Allen & Unwin/Port Nicholson Press, 1989) TRC Maori Collection TRCM993.022 BEL
 Cowan, James. The New Zealand wars: a history of the Maori campaigns and the pioneering period (Wellington, Govt. Print, 1983) TRC 993.022 COW
Frood, James.  Parihaka, peace, protest and power (Auckland, Elizabethan Promotions, 1994) TRC Maori Collection TRCM920.023 FRO
Hohaia, Te Miringa. Background to land of Parihaka (2003) TRCM993.48 HOH
Parihaka: the art of passive resistance (Wellington, City Gallery Wellington, Victoria University Press, Parihaka Pa Trustees, 2001) TRC Maori Collection TRCM993.488 PAR
Riseborough, Hazel. Days of darkness: Taranaki, 1878-1884 (Auckland, Penguin, 2002) TRC Maori Collection TRCM993.48 RIS

Riseborough, Hazel. Parihaka and the historians (New Plymouth, s.l.s.n,1993)
TRC Maori Collection TRCM993.48 RIS
Scott, Dick. Ask that mountain: the story of Parihaka (Auckland, Reed/Southern Cross, 1991) TRC Maori Collection TRCM993.48 SCO
Smith, Ailsa. Taranaki waiata tangi and feelings for place : a thesis submitted in fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at Lincoln University (Lincoln, Lincoln University, 2001) TRC Maori Collection TRCM993.48 SMI
White, Margo. Ghosts tapping on your shoulder (Auckland, Grace Magazine, 2000)
TRC Maori Collection TRCM993.48 WHI

Parihaka - Taranaki information files
Vertical file cabinets in the Taranaki Research Centre contain newspaper clippings and other information. Search under:
  • Taranaki information - Maori - Pa/Marae - Parihaka
  • Family Biography - Te Whiti
  • Family Biography - Tohu

Parihaka - Heritage collection

The photographic file collection and the archives in the Taranaki Research Centre contains a number of resources relating to Parihaka. Please enquire at the Taranaki Research Centre or search the catalogue here.

Parihaka - Taranaki Stories

Several stories about Parihaka can be accessed from our website here.

To view archives you will need to register as a user at the Taranaki Research Centre. Identification is needed on registration. If you have searched for archives from the websites, it is helpful is you can phone ahead and request archives to be put aside prior to your visit.

Last edited: 10 February 2016