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Under the banner of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps - known far and wide as ANZAC - we would face Lone Pine and Chunuk Bair.  Fighting side by side in the mud on the Western Front, and in the jungles of Vietnam.  Over the decades, in the trenches, in the skies, and on the seas, we forged the strong bonds of ANZAC.
This guide aims to help you locate resources available at Puke Ariki.

Subject searches using the Library Catalogue

The library catalogue can be used in-house at Puke Ariki or accessed online here. Some subjects to try include:
Subject Browse Search
  • World war, 1914-1918 - New Zealand
  • World war, 1914-1918 - Australia
  • New Zealand - Military relations - Australia
  • Australia - Military relations - New Zealand
  • New Zealand - History, Military
Title Keyword Search
  • Anzac

Some examples of titles that can be found using the above searches:
Ball, Desmond The Anzac connection - TRC327.931 ANZ
Boyack, Nicholas Behind the lines: the lives of New Zealand soldiers in the First World - TRC  z940.48 BOY
Pugsley, Christopher Gallipoli : the New Zealand story - TRC z940.425 PUG
Rolfe, Jim Should we forget?: the significance of Anzac day: letters to James - TRC  z940.46 ROL
Rogers, Anna While you're away: New Zealand nurses at war, 1899-1945 - TRC 355.345 ROG
Thomson, Alistair Anzac memories: living with the legend - Lending  940.425 THO
Smart, Judith An Anzac muster: war and society in New Zealand and Australia - TRC z993.03 ANZ
Williams, E.P A New Zealander's diary: Gallipoli and France, 1915-1917 - TRC z940.481 WIL


The archives database can be searched by staff or can be accessed here. Search results will locate archives, oral histories and photographs. These will be mainly Taranaki orientated.
Searching can be done on personal names or general subjects such as the following:

  • Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (Anzac)
  • World War I, 1914-1918
  • World War II 1939-1914
  • Armed Forces
  • Gallipoli

Some examples of Archives that can be found using the above subject headings:
Title: Reid, Robert
Catalog: ARC2004-247
Type: Papers
Date: 1916 - 1918
Scope: Personal papers belonging to Robert Reid.  
Location:  Ms file
Access: Open access
Title: Pennington, Victor Richard
Catalog: ARC2003-747
Type: Diary
Date: 1916 - 1919
Scope: 'Victor Richard Pennington 1897 - 1908'
A diary describing a 19-year-old Taranaki boy going to war.
Location: Ms file
Access: Open access
To view the archives you will need to register as a user at the Taranaki Research Centre. Identification is needed on registration. If you have searched for archives from the website, it is helpful if you can phone ahead and request archives to be put aside prior to your visit.


Some of the photographic collection can be searched here. A more comprehensive card catalogue can be accessed in the Taranaki Research Centre. The photographs are held in drawers in the Taranaki Research Centre. Subjects to try in the index include: 
  • Individual's surname
  • Military individuals
  • Military groups

Taranaki Information Files

Vertical file cabinets hold folders of information relevant to Taranaki. Look under Military or Dewey number 940. There is a folder in the Taranaki Family Biography files for W.G Malone.


Puke Ariki has a number of full-text databases available for searching. The following databases are some of those accessible from the Taranaki Research Centre. Access is free. Printing costs 20c per sheet.
Search INNZ for references to articles that have appeared in New Zealand Journals and Newspapers since 1987. INNZ provides abstracts only. You can send search results to your e-mail.
Title: Anzac Day in New Zealand: 1916-1939
Source: New Zealand Journal of History
Date: Oct 1981; 15(2):97-114
Title: Anzac Day: the protest generation rethinks
Source: New Zealand Defence Quarterly
Date: Aut 1998; 20:22-27
Journal Article
Fulltext results of key New Zealand newspapers. Includes Daily News from 1996 - present.
Title: Anzac ties will always bind
Source: Sunday Star Times
Date: 27 April 2003: Edition A: p. 3
Title: Handkerchief poignant Anzac link
Source: Daily News
Date: 25 April 2003: Edition 1: p. 3
Te Puna
Access to National Bibliographic Network - a catalogue containing books, reports, conference proceedings and government reports held in New Zealand Libraries. You can send search results to your e-mail.
Australia and New Zealand Reference Centre
Australia and New Zealand Reference Centre has a number of articles referenced under Anzac or alternatively you can search under battles or places eg: Gallipoli.

Taranaki Stories

The following stories can be found on the Puke Ariki website: