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Pathfinders are online guides providing in-depth information related to a particular topic. 
We have created these guides to help you with your research and enable you to get the most from Puke Ariki's resources.
1981 Springbok Tour -  In 1981 the nation was divided. In 56 days there were 205 demonstrations in 28 centres – this was something people felt strongly about.
ANZAC -  The Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, known as the ANZACs, are recognised and loved all over the world.
Business Information - Keep your finger on the economic pulse!

First Taranaki War - Some of the resources available pertaining to the First Taranaki War, includes both primary and secondary sources.
Gardens and Gardening -  Dig through Puke Ariki’s vast array of gardening resources.
Housing - Discover the history of your house – find out how!
Legal Resources  -  Let us help you turn legalese into something understandable!
Nursing and Medical - Investigate the rash of resources Puke Ariki has in this area.
Parihaka - An invaluable guide to the Parihaka resources available
Researching Family History -  Where to get started? How to find out about long lost Auntie Mildred? All your questions answered!
Street information -  The word on the street is that this Pathfinder is very useful!