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south taranaki wars

All year: all levels

The Taranaki Wars were major events in the history of the region. The causes and consequences of the war in south Taranaki are explored in this lesson


 New Zealand Curriculum Links: Social Sciences

This topic covers elements of Social Sciences: Social Studies and History, Levels 1-6

New entrants - Year 10
Students will learn about the Taranaki Wars and significant sites in south Taranaki. In this lesson students will explore the gallery and have the option to visit historical sites.

Year 11-13
This topic covers elements of Social Sciences: History and may be useful for research gathering for NZQA approved NCEA achievement standards that includes, but not limited to Levels 1-3 as follows:
Level 1:AS 91001, AS 91006
Level 2: AS 91232, AS 91234
Level 3: AS 91434