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All Year: New Entrants - Year 10

Creativity and Innovation focuses on creators and inventors from Taranaki who have contributed to the everyday lives of the province and in many cases the rest of the world. It draws on the Puke Ariki heritage collection to celebrate Taranaki creators’ innate sense of invention and problem-solving. It showcases the creative and inventive endeavours of local people, both past and present.


Junior Students (New entrant - Year 10)
Students will hear stories about inventions and creations made by Taranaki people, and will discuss their purpose. Links will be made to the time and place of their development. Students will have hands-on experiences with some of the features of the exhibition. Comparisons to present day inventions and earlier examples in the gallery can be made.

Students will explore the gallery, locate and identify items and learn about their attributes. Older students will explore the differences between ‘sustaining’, ‘breakthrough’, and ‘disruptive’ innovations.

New Zealand Curriculum Links:
Social Sciences: This topic covers elements of Social Studies Levels 1-5.
Technology: This topic covers elements of the Nature of Technology, Levels 1-5.

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