Learning & Research - Akoranga me Rangahau
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Plan a visit to Taranaki Research Centre/Te Pua Wānanga o Taranaki and explore our collections to learn more about the Taranaki Wars.

Walk in the Footsteps:
A unique opportunity to visit significant Taranaki Wars sites with an experienced guide. Listen to the stories about significant events that took place at Te Kohia pā and the Pekapeka Block. Students can reflect on how those events and decisions still impact on today’s society.

Guided Historic Walk of ‘Old New Plymouth’: Step back in time with one of our dedicated volunteers to visit significant heritage sites around the New Plymouth city centre.


These sessions are linked directly to NCEA achievement standards, Levels 1-3, for Social Sciences in the New Zealand Curriculum. Each topic provides hands-on, interactive experiences that cater for multiple learning styles, contributing to the best possible learning outcomes for students.

The following achievement standards can be linked to these topics:

Level 1: AS 91003, AS 91005, AS 91229
Level 2: AS 91230
Level 3: AS 91434, AS 91436, AS 91437

Art History
Level 1: AS 91015, AS 91017
Level 2: AS 91180, AS 91185, AS 91186

Visual Arts
Level 3: AS 91440 Design
Level 3: AS 91441 Painting
Level 3: AS 91442 Photography
Level 3 : AS 91444 Sculpting

Before you come to Puke Ariki, please read our Visiting Guidelines and claim your subsidised bus travel.


Contact the Education Team on (06) 759 6710 or email edpukeariki@npdc.govt.nz