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illusion : nothing is as it seems

Term 1 (until 5 March)
Years 5 - 10

Illusion: Nothing is as it Seems comes to Puke Ariki from the Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. Combining magic with psychology, optical illusions with scientific reasoning and confusion with clarity, Illusion offers an insight into the human mind. Exploring the theme of illusion through artworks, this exhibition will satisfy curiosity and challenge thinking.

Illusion was curated by psychologist, author and magician Richard Wiseman, and was researched by deception artist/escapologist Paul Gleeson.

With over 20 exhibits designed to boggle the mind and featuring a host of installations that deceive the eyes of the visitor, Illusion shows that what we perceive is often radically different from the reality of what our eyes observe.

Students will have the opportunity to explore this exhibition and be amazed by the things they see. They will learn about perception from this exhibit, and view optical and audio illusions exploring magic and art. They will be able to question the technology used and the effects exhibits have on them.

It will challenge their thinking and allow them to consider the concept of “Nothing is as it Seems!” Teachers may consider using this as an opportunity to explore how people see things in different ways.

IMPORTANT: This exhibition may not be suitable for epilepsy sufferers or people with sensitivity to light/sudden movement and ‘the element of surprise’. Some students may need individual adult support.


New Zealand Curriculum Links
Science: This topic covers elements of the Nature of Science: The Physical World (Physical Inquiry and Physics Concepts) Levels 3 - 5.
Technology: Levels 3 - 5: The Nature of Technology
Visual Arts: Levels 3 - 5: Understanding the Arts in Context.