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taranaki artist ephemera project

The Taranaki Artist Ephemera Project aims to collect ephemera relating to the practice of Taranaki-based artists for inclusion into the Puke Ariki Heritage Collection.  The project was launched in 2012 and since that time nine selected artists have generously donated numerous pieces of ephemera to Puke Ariki adding valuable reference and display material to the Heritage Collection.  The project has also vastly improved our relationship with local artists.  One artist recently commented “It’s great to feel like an honoured member of the community.  Puke Ariki has become… our place.” 

What is artist ephemera?

The Taranaki Artist Ephemera Project collects items used or produced by an artist relating to their practice - but that is not ‘art’. Puke Ariki decided to call this ‘stuff’ artist ephemera. For the purpose of the project artist ephemera has been defined as working drawings and preparatory objects, photographs and film footage, artist tools and materials, as well as other items relevant to an artist’s practice. It can also include promotional material such as exhibition invitations, catalogues and posters. Preserving this material in the Heritage Collection will help build a rich reference resource that highlights the vibrancy of Taranaki’s art scene.

Whom do I contact?

We encourage you to contact us if you wish to discuss the project further.  The following Puke Ariki staff are working on the project and can help with any enquiries: 


Lucy Macfarlane

Curator Archives | Poutiaki Pūranga


(06) 759 6060


Chanelle Carrick

Curator Pictorial Collections | Poutiaki Kohinga Whakaahua


(06) 759 6060