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Hard Graft on Paper

24 June 2013

Maps like this make the hard graft of settlers seem deceptively simple.  This battered reproduction of a plan originally drafted by the surveyor Harry Skeet in 1895, shows the Town of Purangi and Suburban Sections in a neat, ordered and ‘civilised’... read more


08 November 2010

This sturdy cane basket is a woven reminder of New Zealand’s changing road safety standards.  It was used by Ian and Dorene Vickers to carry their children Alison, Susan, Guy and Jeff during the 1960s. Ian remembers it worked very well, as when the... read more

Track Cross Sections

13 November 2009

Giant cheques might be a feature of modern corporate shindigs but it was this folding mahogany box that publicly sealed the deal for New Plymouth's tram tracks in 1914. The management of the North Eastern Steel Company, of Middlesbrough, were... read more