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Spotlight on the Heritage Collection

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Hen Pecked

16 May 2014

This adorable flock of hens, made to look as if they are busily picking up treats, was made by John Round, a wood craftsman from England who now works in Inglewood. John originally trained as a draughtsman with the British Steel Corporation, but his... read more

Puzzling Toy

03 March 2014

This puzzling toy was produced by Gunnar Berger and Son Ltd, for Texas Toys. Gunnar Berger was a Swedish immigrant to Eltham, who moved here with his family in 1950. Gunnar’s interest in living in New Zealand was piqued after seeing a Swedish... read more

Loved to Bits

09 September 2013

He was nearly loved to bits but this bear now lives more peacefully at Puke Ariki. Battered and ripped he may be, but his lack of surviving facial features certainly doesn’t dim his charm. The toy bear on wheels was first given to Jim Milne in 1927... read more

Construction Set

26 September 2011

Gunnar Berger helped thousands of children build on their imaginations with products from his Eltham factory. The inventive Swede, who moved to Taranaki in 1951 to work in the dairy industry, turned his attention to toys in 1958, transforming a... read more

Toy Money

09 March 2010

It may be just a collection of 'funny money', but plastic coins like these played a part in a big change in New Zealand’s currency. The coins, which have decimal denominations on one side with matching Imperial equivalents on the other, were thought... read more

Roller Skates

20 November 2009

They may have been speedy but they would not have been stealthy. This pair of adjustable roller skates which are fitted with bare metal wheels, would be guaranteed to make a racket no matter what surface they rolled on. The skates, which are... read more

Toy Penguin

13 November 2009

Many well loved childhood friends are tucked away in the Puke Ariki Heritage Collection.  Now they are retired from their responsibilities as playmates and comforters, the frequently threadbare dolls and cuddly toys play the role of childhood memory... read more

Model Car

13 November 2009

Noddy has created plenty of controversy over the years and this toy shows the happy little fellow before his playmates were switched to satisfy contemporary attitudes. Originally produced from 1949-1963, the hugely popular series of Noddy books have... read more

Doll's Uniform

13 November 2009

A man who built his reputation with bricks and mortar helped lay the foundation for a New Plymouth marching team. Nev Roebuck, a founder of Roebuck Construction Company, decided sponsoring a marching team would be great publicity and the Roebuck's... read more