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Spotlight on the Heritage Collection

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The Big Dig

09 January 2015

There was some serious summer spadework that went on Waitara in 1960. This photograph shows two of the willing volunteers who pitched in for a Taranaki archaeological excavation which was groundbreaking in more ways than one. The dig, which began in... read more

Treasured Vessels

28 September 2014

Finely carved vessels such as waka huia (treasure boxes) were used to hold traditional Māori precious objects and treasured personal adornments like pounamu hei tiki, huia feathers and combs. The finely carved boxes signalled the importance of the... read more

Kiwi and Fowls

31 May 2014

This beautiful kahu kiwi (kiwi feather cloak) was acquired by Taranaki Museum in 1922 from a member of the Tume family from Purangi. Many garments from this era show the weaver’s willingness to experiment with new materials and to incorporate... read more

Master Shape

22 April 2014

In 2000 Taranaki artist Rangi Kipa was challenged to explore the artistic possibilities of a new industrial material called Corian. At that time Corian’s extensive colour range and durability meant it was primarily being utilised for kitchen... read more

Pounding Fibre

29 April 2013

Using the Puke Ariki collection as evidence, Taranaki appears to have had one of the highest concentrations of these Patu Muka (fibre pounders) in Aotearoa, perhaps signifying that this region was once a significant producer of quality fibre... read more

Powaka whakairo

13 November 2009

Among the many taonga Māori cared for by Puke Ariki is this beautifully made powaka whakairo.  These were made to hold precious items, such as huia feathers and greenstone pendants.  Finely carved on all sides, two facial masks are present on... read more