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Spotlight on the Heritage Collection

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The Painter's Painter

24 June 2013

Often described as 'the painter's painter', Paul Hutchinson has steadfastly refused to follow trends in painting.  Completely self taught, he has been working full-time as an artist since he was 17, developing the skills and techniques of painting... read more

N.P. 1953. Royal Visit

26 January 2011

Regular visitors to Puke Ariki’s Taranaki Research Centre will be familiar with this portrait of a jovial young Queen Elizabeth II.  It was painted by local sign writer Jack Wood and was based on a glitter encrusted postcard he had in his possession.... read more

Craig and tractor

26 January 2011

This compelling portrait captures a farm worker as he prepares to spray farmland on Junction Road, near Egmont Village.  The photograph strikes a fascinating balance between the candid and the theatrical, and is from a series of six photographs... read more

Untitled (Helen Warren)

20 November 2009

Celebrated New Zealand artist Rita Angus is known for her distinctive style of realism that utilised clearly defined shapes, blocks of strong colour and distinctive light.  Her painting ‘Cass’, depicting a small railway station northwest of... read more

Edward.F.Hemingway portrait

13 November 2009

Captain Edward F. Hemingway may cut an imposing military figure in this oil painting, but he was defenceless in the face of a young lad's tantrum. Trading on his blue-blood English upbringing and military efficiency, Edward forged a colourful army... read more

Elizabeth Lackworthy portrait

13 November 2009

Despite her pinched mouth and rather unflatteringly large bonnet, Elizabeth Lackworthy from Exeter is an absolute beauty.  This portrait miniature, measuring just 65 mm high, is in superb condition given its age.  Miniatures were popular in Europe... read more