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Ngāmotu Beach: Playshore of the Pacific

11 December 2014

Judging by the number of cars parked up in the sand, it seems that Ngāmotu Beach was the place to be to celebrate the start of the New Year in 1939! A large crowd of people can be seen soaking up the sun with some even brave enough to take a dip in... read more

Major Marchers

09 March 2014

In the late '70s and early '80s the Moller Majorettes marching team were a force to be reckoned with. As evidenced by the impressive haul of trophies, shields and medals displayed in this 1981 Charters and Guthrie photograph the team won countless... read more

Pike and Waters Ltd photo

13 November 2009

This Swainson's Studios photograph is one of a series of six recently discovered in Puke Ariki's large Swainson/Woods photographic collection.  It was taken at the Pike and Waters Ltd factory in 1960 and shows workers bottling Coca-Cola.  In the same... read more

Tukapa Rugby team photo

13 November 2009

This group portrait, taken by Bernard Woods Studio, shows the Tukapa Under 19 rugby team soon after they won the Under 19 Championship in 1981, beating Waimate in the final 15-10.  No. 8 Tony McGreevy was the hero of the match, scoring all Tukapa's... read more

Devon Street photo

13 November 2009

In these days of traffic lights, pedestrian crossings and health and safety, it seems inconceivable that a locomotive used to steam right across Devon Street.  However, as this Collis photograph shows, trains used to chug right down Brougham Street.... read more

Antonio Rodriguez de Sardinha photo

13 November 2009

Antonio Rodriguez de Sardinha arrived in New Zealand from Madeira, Portugal, in the service of the Mace family. Upon arriving in New Zealand in 1852, he settled in Omata and later joined the Taranaki Mounted Volunteers during the Taranaki Wars. He... read more

Lwr Brougham Street photo

13 November 2009

William Andrew Collis took many photographs that recorded the early growth of New Plymouth and the wider Taranaki region.  This image depicts Lower Brougham Street in the early 1880s with the Masonic Hotel visible on the left and the W. R. King... read more

First Cobb & Co. coach photo

13 November 2009

The first Cobb & Co. coach arrived in New Plymouth from Wanganui at 9.15pm on Thursday 12 January 1871.  Photographic technology being what it was then, it would have been too dark to record the moment when the coach pulled up after the long journey.... read more

Melody Maids photo

13 November 2009

Swainson's Studios portrait of the Melody Maids captures a slice of New Plymouth's musical history.  Established by troop leader Vi Scott (pictured on the left) in 1936, the Maids sang at parties and functions during World War II.  They were still... read more

Criterion Hotel Bottle Store

13 November 2009

In a serendipitous moment, Puke Ariki's Swainson Technicians discovered this photograph on the day Sir Edmund Hillary died.  Depicting a display of beer in the Criterion Hotel's bottle store window, the centrepiece of the display is a portrait of a... read more

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