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Spotlight on the Heritage Collection

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Nina and Ruby

07 April 2014

Marianne Muggeridge's Nina and Ruby with Marianne reflected (1996) is a portrait within a portrait that raises questions about who the work is really about. Is it Nina and her daughter Ruby, resting on the bed? Is it the artist herself, poised at her... read more

Good Things In Small Packages

26 February 2013

They say good things come in small packages.  The saying is true both of Taranaki artist Anne Holliday’s painting Jess and its subject matter.  Amongst the thickly applied paint, the expressive brushstrokes and page fragments from a South African... read more

Mutu’s Whare, Mimi

27 September 2010

This unusual diamond-shaped painting of ‘Mutu’s Whare, Mimi’ was gifted “To Dear Mrs Kyngdon, with warmest love from Nellie B. Hastie” on 6 May 1865, according to the inscription noted in flowing handwriting on the back.   It is stored with another... read more

Watercolour painting

13 November 2009

This watercolour view of central New Plymouth township from the Liardet/Gill Street area depicts the Wesleyan Methodist Church on the left, St Mary's Anglican Church on the extreme right and Marsland Hill, complete with barracks, in the background.... read more

NZ Fungi oil painting

13 November 2009

One of Taranaki's early botanical artists, Fanny Bertha Good (1860-1950), brought a touch of Cubism to her unusual paintings of New Zealand fungi.  The picture plane of this oil painting, N.Z. fungi 27, has been broken up into six different... read more