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Spotlight on the Heritage Collection

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30 March 2010

A rural seat of power has returned to Taranaki. This so called Presidential Chair was made to order in Stratford to mark the election of Jessie Lees, of Toko, as National President of the Women’s Division Federated Farmers New Zealand in 1966. Money... read more

Rag Rug

13 November 2009

Scrimping, saving and recycling was a way of life in Taranaki long before the days of eco-chic. This mentality can be clearly seen in the construction of this rag rug, which is made using small woollen rags.  Each rag has been carefully hand... read more


13 November 2009

Among any museum collection there are usually several items that fall into the unusual or downright bizarre category.  One such item in the Puke Ariki collection is this 'bedside' lamp.  Presumably a hunter's trophy head, it has been mounted on a... read more


13 November 2009

A cattle carrying steamer may not sound glamorous but the Waverley brought a touch of luxury to South Taranaki in the 1880s. This washstand, complete with a tidy little fold out basin, was one of the fittings on the 77 ton coastal steamer which was... read more

Captain's chair

13 November 2009

An enterprising young farmhand with a knack for marine salvage can take the credit for the survival of this handsome captain's chair from the wreck of the Gairloch. While there was an official salvage of the coastal steamer and its cargo shortly... read more


13 November 2009

Both food and furniture were hard to come by during the Great Depression of the 1930s, so when a sturdy cheese crate came your way it made sense to put it to good use. Puke Ariki has a number of items of makeshift furniture from this period when... read more