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Spotlight on the Heritage Collection

Showing items tagged as ephemera.

Road Works

30 April 2014

Many miles went into the making of Alby Carter’s Road Series, a classic example of which is this vibrant woodblock print of Kaihihi Road. To make one of these images, Carter would take his sketch pad for long wanders up and down... read more

Inspiration Strikes Again

24 June 2013

They say lightning never strikes twice.  But inspiration does – at least in artist Rae van’t Hof’s case.  While putting images of some early works onto a memory stick for Puke Ariki’s ‘Taranaki Artist Ephemera’ project, Rae was drawn to a painting... read more

The Painter's Painter

24 June 2013

Often described as 'the painter's painter', Paul Hutchinson has steadfastly refused to follow trends in painting.  Completely self taught, he has been working full-time as an artist since he was 17, developing the skills and techniques of painting... read more

Shameless Self Promotion

20 May 2013

At first glance this medallion may look like a remnant of some lost civilisation, but it’s really just a bit of shameless self promotion. It features the bust of James Morison, a famous nineteenth century English ‘quack doctor’. Morison, who called... read more

Good Things In Small Packages

26 February 2013

They say good things come in small packages.  The saying is true both of Taranaki artist Anne Holliday’s painting Jess and its subject matter.  Amongst the thickly applied paint, the expressive brushstrokes and page fragments from a South African... read more