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Spotlight on the Heritage Collection

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13 November 2009

“GO NAKI” The message marked on the bright yellow soles of these jandals makes a bold statement, not just of fashion but of the wave of brash parochial pride that has washed over Taranaki during the past few years. These jandals, marketed as thongs... read more


13 November 2009

Is this a cap that spawned a regional catchphrase? 'Trucker' style caps like this one began to be given away to new car clients at Phillipps Motors Ltd (now Energy City Ford) during 1984 after the new Dealer Principal, Peter Lloyd took over. Robin... read more


13 November 2009

The destruction of Taranaki's built heritage made for a striking woollen protest from the needles of an accomplished knitter. This jersey, which features a famous image of New Plymouth's clocktower being demolished in 1969, was knitted by New... read more

Rat Cape

13 November 2009

Rats and romance do not normally go together but this rat fur cape may have helped a possum trapper snare his wife. This one-off cape was fashioned from the skins of bush rats trapped by Mick Murphy on Mount Taranaki from 1939 -1940. Murphy, who was... read more