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Spotlight on the Heritage Collection

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Classic View

03 August 2014

Could this be the most classical view ever of New Plymouth architecture? The lofty peak of Mount Taranaki is perfectly framed through a grand portico of columns and arches in this pencil sketch made by artist Edwin Harris. The Harris family arrived... read more


07 April 2014

When most people think of collage they picture small pieces of paper and other materials that are overlapped and pasted together to create an image. However in Cutbacks New Zealand artist Steve Lovett has done just the opposite. Instead of building... read more

Nina and Ruby

07 April 2014

Marianne Muggeridge's Nina and Ruby with Marianne reflected (1996) is a portrait within a portrait that raises questions about who the work is really about. Is it Nina and her daughter Ruby, resting on the bed? Is it the artist herself, poised at her... read more

Inspiration Strikes Again

24 June 2013

They say lightning never strikes twice.  But inspiration does – at least in artist Rae van’t Hof’s case.  While putting images of some early works onto a memory stick for Puke Ariki’s ‘Taranaki Artist Ephemera’ project, Rae was drawn to a painting... read more

A Happy Person

21 June 2013

A successful career in the art world is not often expected of a qualified mathematician but Dale Copeland is not one for stereotypes. Copeland was born in Taranaki and completed an MA with first class Honours in Mathematics. While teaching maths and... read more

John Bevan Ford

13 May 2013

John Bevan Ford (1930-2005) was inspired by the belief that land gives life, that it carries a spiritual essence and that it connects people. As a painter, carver, and sculptor his art drew inspiration and strength from his Maori heritage. This... read more