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Alice in Fitzroy

20 July 2015

In 1912, Te Henui Private School students hosted a production of the play Alice in Wonderland to celebrate their headmistress, Miss Shaw, who was leaving the school to marry. Included in a school magazine recently donated to the Puke... read more

Really Swell

04 October 2014

This letter written from “Some Where in Italy” on 19 February 1944, was nearly enough to fool an unsuspecting archivist.  I originally thought the letter was real and written by an unfortunate soldier who had been injured and... read more

Cuisine with Flair

04 October 2014

Andre Teissonniere was born to work in the hospitality industry. His parents were hotel owners in Provence and Paris, giving him an early grounding in a profession that he would pursue a long way from his native France, for the rest of his life.... read more


05 July 2014

This Extra from The Daily News was distributed throughout Taranaki after King Edward VII became acutely ill with appendicitis, two days before his coronation that was scheduled for 26 June 1902. Perhaps it was the deadline pressure to... read more

Esteemed Address

07 April 2014

This illuminated address was presented to Henry Betts on his 90th birthday by the people of Ōkaiawa on 8 February 1927. The address is signed over eight pages by the 172 guests present at his birthday party at his home ‘Holly Bank’.... read more