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Military Showtime

17 February 2014

Showtime in New Plymouth during the late 1850s often meant calling in the British imperial troops. The fledgling town of New Plymouth was given a fresh injection of culture with the arrival of the British army, who were garrisoned on Marsland Hill... read more

Ward Shoots Wolf

09 April 2013

It was a dark and misty night on the 24 May 1863, when Thomas Wolf and Joe Ward, two Taranaki Militiamen, were sent for sentry duty in a gully near Fort Carrington in New Plymouth. Most likely, both men would have been on edge, as earlier that month... read more

Ceramic Fragments

05 July 2010

A collection of charred ceramic fragments are a reminder of the ravages of war waged on Taranaki soil.  These broken and burned shards were found during an archaeological excavation in June 2005 from the Street homestead site in Bell Block, which... read more