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Spotlight on the Heritage Collection

A Taranaki Inventor

09 June 2017

Clive Webby (1908-1961) was an inventor from Kaponga. In 1938, Clive was invited to America by the Daisy Manufacturing Company, an outdoor product company based in Michigan, to discuss his invention, a semi-automatic pneumatic air rifle. Over the... read more

Sausage Sizzle

13 January 2017

There is nothing more kiwi than the sausage sizzle, and at only 50 cents who could resist? The price might have gone up since this photograph was taken, but the satisfaction of eating piping hot sausages and half-cooked onion rings in white bread,... read more

Hawkes Hoax

04 July 2016

This log book is a record of events for the Taranaki Search and Rescue Field Headquarters team from 1975 to 1989. At each point in a search and rescue operation events were logged as a way to communicate what was happening with the team. The book... read more

The First Sod

31 May 2016

Lake Māngamāhoe is a popular place for walking, mountain biking and outdoor activities, but it was not always there. The man-made lake has only existed since 1931. Taranaki MP, Sydney George Smith, turned the first sod of earth for the dam project... read more

Patu Aruhe

17 March 2016

This patu aruhe was found in swamp land located on a farm on Ngati Maru Road, Tikorangi. In 1978 the farm was sold and the owners moved away with various items from their time in Taranaki. In 2015 the family offered their items to Puke Ariki as they... read more

Alice in Fitzroy

20 July 2015

In 1912, Te Henui Private School students hosted a production of the play Alice in Wonderland to celebrate their headmistress, Miss Shaw, who was leaving the school to marry. Included in a school magazine recently donated to the Puke... read more

The Moth and Dr Fox

13 May 2015

This moth was named by a Fox. Known commonly as Fox’s Owlet Moth (Graphannia brunneosa) it was a species first discovered and described on Mount Taranaki by the Manaia doctor and amateur entomologist Ken Fox. Ken moved to Manaia in 1963 and... read more

Pretty or Plane? New Plymouth Airport

20 February 2015

Is this “one of the prettiest airports in New Zealand”? People certainly thought so when New Plymouth’s new airport opened in March 1967.  Replacing Bell Block’s old grass runway that had been in use since the 1920s, the... read more

Guns and Glory

01 February 2015

Your local school may have once had its very own German machine gun. Soon after World War One, more than 1500 captured machine guns were shipped to New Zealand and shared around as prizes. While bigger weapons went to the cities and towns, many... read more

The Big Dig

09 January 2015

There was some serious summer spadework that went on Waitara in 1960. This photograph shows two of the willing volunteers who pitched in for a Taranaki archaeological excavation which was groundbreaking in more ways than one. The dig, which began in... read more

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