Heritage Collections - Kohikohinga Tukuihotanga
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Puke Ariki has an extensive collection of historical imagery, some of which has been digitised and can be viewed on our website. There is also a large collection that has not yet been catalogued but can be searched and images can be provided to you. Searches can be carried out online or you can contact the Taranaki Research Centre to see if our researchers can locate images for you.

Puke Ariki encourages the use of its collection in external research, publications, displays and personal genealogy searches. In order to protect the integrity of our collections and to ensure appropriate usage we ask that the following conditions are followed:

  • Permission must be obtained from Puke Ariki prior to the reproduction of any images from its collections, exhibitions or interior spaces. The intention of use must be stated on Puke Ariki’s image service order form and additional fees may apply for the use of images in commercial ventures. Puke Ariki reserves the right to refuse any application to reproduce material and may place conditions of usage on the material.
  • Permission will be granted for the specified purpose only. All further requirements to reproduce material must be referred back to Puke Ariki for permission.

Māori material

All requests to reproduce material with Māori content or connection will be referred to the Curator Taonga Māori in the first instance. The applicant may then be asked to contact the relevant iwi, hapu or whanau to get authorisation to reproduce the image. Once permission is given, a written statement must be provided to Puke Ariki stipulating the endorsement with details of the proposed usage of the image and by whom.


Any reproduction of Puke Ariki images must be acknowledged to Puke Ariki and you will be advised as to how the credit should read. Images used on websites, CD-ROMs or in any other electronic form must be displayed in low resolution and accompanied by the following text: “Not to be re-used without prior permission from Puke Ariki”. For purposes of future reference, a copy of any published material containing Puke Ariki material must be provided to Puke Ariki free of charge.


Puke Ariki does not hold copyright on all the materials in its collections. Where a current copyright holder is identified, prior permission must be obtained from the person(s). Some of the material included in Puke Ariki’s image library, in the Archives and on its website are reproductions from originals held at other institutions or private collections. Requests of this kind will be forwarded to the original owner of the item. 
While every effort is made to ensure that the collection items are free of restrictions and available for public use, it is the users’ responsibility to clear copyright and to meet any other requirements placed on the item by the owner, donor or creator of the original.

Additional information

Normal delivery time is two weeks. Urgent orders may be possible to process at an extra cost. Please enquire if your order is urgent. Payment is preferred at the time of order with method of payment including cash, EFTPOS, cheque or credit card. Orders will not be released without payment being made. Image searches can be carried out at a standard research fee of $20.00 per 15mins or part thereof, with the first 15 minutes being free.


Digital Copies

 High Resolution (300-500ppi) A4 output TIFF files generated in-house 

$26 per image for the first five then $13 per image thereafter (only applicable for images requested within a single order)
 High Resolution (300-500ppi) A4 output TIFF files requiring the use of a contract photographer  To be advised 

Digital copies can be supplied via electronic file transfer or put on to CD and collected from Puke Ariki at no additional cost. Digital Copies supplied on CD and posted will incur an additional postage fee.


 Within New Zealand     $5.00
 Australia and South Pacific   $9.00
 Rest of the World   $18.00
 Courier delivery   By Arrangement 


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