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garrison order book
Taranaki has a rich garrison history fraught with conflict. The region was the battleground for the two separate Taranaki Wars during the period 1860-1866. The Puke Ariki Heritage Collection currently houses a large collection of Taranaki Wars related material – including a very rare Garrison Order Book. 

The Garrison Order Book comprises 456 pages of daily orders for the year 1864. This book includes general and garrison orders commanding the troops of the 57th and 70th Regiments and the Taranaki Militia forces stationed in New Plymouth, while they undertook the task of keeping the peace between ‘Rebel Natives’ and newly arrived European settlers.

In 2015 the Garrison Order Book was indexed by Victoria University summer scholar, Samantha Hunt. This work is part of the wider project Soldiers of Empire, funded by Victoria University and the Marsden Fund. For more information on the project and New Zealand’s garrison culture please visit www.soldiersofempire.nz

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