Exhibitions - Whakakitenga
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ko taranaki te mounga

Level 2, Puke Ariki Museum

The mounga of Taranaki dominates this region; a symbol of belonging and strength for all who call Taranaki home. It is a favourite subject for artists, a brand for local products, a tourist symbol and a military emblem. Our new exhibition Ko Taranaki te Mounga allows visitors to find out how the mountain affects the geography, people and culture of Taranaki.

For the people of Taranaki, the mounga provides many gifts - spiritual and physical. Regarded by Māori as an important ancestor, Taranaki provides all people of the region with a strong sense of identity. It also provides cool, clear water that flows from its many waterways, rock suitable for building and carving, and excellent volcanic soil as well as hosting a diverse collection of native plants and animals.