Exhibitions - Whakakitenga
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taranaki naturally

The Taranaki Naturally gallery takes you back in time, to a place where monsters swam in the oceans and roamed the land, where mountains were born in an explosion of sound and molten rock and our most iconic animals took their first steps.

Come face to face with the fearsome giant Carcharodon megalodon shark and feel dwarfed by a moa as it towers above you.

Then, slowly, as time begins to move again, you discover which animals survived this violent and hostile landscape as it turned into the rich, fertile, region we know today. Meet the kiwi, the rare Maui’s dolphin, the meek Blue Penguin, creatures of fur and feather and their enemies, brought to these shores by boat and not evolution, who threaten their very existence.

And discover what is being done to protect them, to turn back the clock to a time when these creatures could live without fear of extinction. To a time when the song of native birds was both beautiful and deafening.

See too how humans have made their mark on the changing face of Taranaki, how its rich reserves have been tapped for iron, coal, natural gas and oil and what role we are now playing to ensure Taranaki continues to be a beautiful, rugged and prosperous land.

kōkako: te kōrero o tamanui

NEW! Discover the efforts being made to bring the critically endangered kōkako back to Taranaki - and how you can get involved!
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