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 Mutunga: Our legacy | Our challenge | Our future

26 November 2011 – 19 March 2012

Main Exhibition Gallery, North Wing, Puke Ariki.


The unique identity of a people shaped by more than 190 years of challenge, struggle, alienation, whakapapa and determination is put on public view in this, our latest exhibition.
Mutunga tells a story of a Taranaki people who have maintained their iwi through war, mass migration, land confiscation and wholesale changes to their world.
This exhibition brings together, for the first time, a collection of historical and contemporary taonga, manuscripts, paintings and artworks that help tell the story of the people.
Walk into a world seen through Ngāti Mutunga eyes - a world largely inaccessible to those without tribal connections.
The exhibition is complemented by a series of events designed to promote discussion and thought, to celebrate, to challenge and to entertain.   


Ngāti Mutunga Taranaki Stories

The exhibition features some of the figure-heads of the Ngāti Mutunga people. Read some of their stories here.

Maui Pomare