Exhibitions - Whakakitenga
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Through a chronological series of works drawn from his family’s photographic record Jordan Barnes investigates representations of memory and community, inviting viewers to consider how each of our own personal histories is reflected in the fabric of Taranaki society.

Taranaki is inhabited by people from all over the world. Individuals from many different countries and cultures have settled here and we continue to welcome new arrivals. While differences in culture, religion, politics and language can create misunderstandings; these differences can also enrich our lives by adding colour and vitality to our society.

The period since WWII has seen some of the largest movements of people around the globe since the mid-1800s. Some of Taranaki’s most recent arrivals include people from South-East Asia, Polynesia, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Eastern Europe, Norway, Denmark and China.

Homage encourages people to look into their family stories and reflect on how the individual and particular has shaped our collective identity and sense of place.

Check out this beautiful short film featuring Jordan at work.