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 What if Mt Taranaki blows its top? What if sea levels rise? What if Taranaki becomes a republic? You get to have your say in this interactive conversation covering everything from streets to housing, fresh water to energy. It’s time to imagine our future…


 What if? is an opportunity for people to talk about their hopes for the future of a sustainable Taranaki.
To help the conversation What if? provides some background information from local businesses and organisations, and asks some provocative questions to start the discussion.
People visiting the main exhibtions gallery at Puke Ariki will discover easy-to-understand information about Mt Taranaki’s role as a source of fresh water; how our street scenes are changing; oil and gas reserves; the future of dairy farming; alternative energy; population growth; and the park of the future.
Around the gallery, computers and community notice boards (“Mind- lines!”) will invite people to answer questions, share their opinions, ideas and hopes for Taranaki, and even make a pledge for the future. iPads are being used to display possible future scenarios for specific locations in the region and a multi-choice  What if? questionnaire.

Come to the main gallery at Puke Ariki and have your say or join our on line forum at www.whatifpukeariki.com  


What if? The Future of Taranaki is made possible with the kind support of:

Shell Exploration NZ Ltd
Taranaki Regional Council
New Plymouth District Council

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