Exhibitions - Whakakitenga
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27 March - 16 May
In this exhibition ‘Whakapapa’, artist Potohaka addresses not only the literal meaning of whakapapa but also the importance of the stories that are shared because of it.
Most people understand whakapapa to mean genealogy, but the term encompasses more than this and can also refer to placing in layers.
Potohaka took her passion for fibre and weaving to create pieces that have important stories woven through them that can be traced back through the tikanga of whakapapa and the narratives associated with that.
A traditional fibre artist, Potohaka learned the techniques, skills and tikanga of kakahu, or cloak weaving, from her kuia, mother and aunties. Later she mastered other skills in metal and found that she was able to combine both mediums without compromising the integrity of either.