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Have Your Say

The Taranaki War 1860–2010: Our Legacy — Our Challenge exhibition has a three-fold aim. Firstly, to educate our visitors about what happened during this time and to tell the stories of both the Māori and Pākēha who lived, and died.

Secondly, to show what the legacy of the wars was and finally, to encourage people to have their say about their feelings, their perspectives and their hopes for the future.


What are people saying?



What are people talking about after visiting the exhibition? Is there a desire for reconciliation and a common future? Or should New Zealand be forever a country populated by Māori and colonialists? Can our country ever be made up of one people - New Zealanders?

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What do you think?


 Do you agree with what people are saying about the Taranaki War exhibition? what are your thoughts for the future of New Zealand? Have Your Say now by posting your comment!



Comment Wall Gallery

Thoughts and perspectives can also be left on the comment wall in the exhibition at Puke Ariki. This Gallery shows snapshots of that wall throughout the exhibition.

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