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Face Value: photography and film by Serena Giovanna Stevenson

2 April – 27 June
Expressed through photography and film, Face Value conveys the universal intimacy of Māori facial moko (tattoo) through six personal stories.
Face Value compels us to be drawn into the everyday space and profound moments before, during, and after the intensely personal process of tā moko.
The scenes are of real people in their homes, familiar spaces, both indoors and outdoors: we experience the sincerity, human impulse and gaze of understanding passing through the eyes of one generation to the next – from grandfather to grandchild, daughter to mother and on and on.
"The images highlight the strength of human-to-human connection and how the exchange of facial moko is not possible without this deeply personal contact. It’s also about how unity in the world is impossible if we do not celebrate who we are and if we’re confined to judging each other by face value alone."
Exhibition assisted by Pataka Museum, Porirua. Toured by Exhibition Services Tours.