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30 Years of the New Plymouth Embroiderers’ Guild

Dec 12, 2009 – Mar 14, 2010

Embroidery has always been a way of preserving history across the years – not only within the items that are made but in the skills and techniques of producing pieces that can be decorative or utilitarian – or both!
This exhibition is the first retrospective of the 30 year history of the New Plymouth Embroiderers’ Guild and is not just a look back at works produced by members during that time, but a reminder that the continual interest and standard of work in this ancient craft is being nurtured into the 21st Century.
The organisation began, with the name The Taranaki Embroiderers’ Guild, in 1979 when a special meeting was held for the purpose of discussing the formation of an Embroidery Guild, with the aim of practicing and promoting the Art of Embroidery to the highest level of attainment.
Over the past thirty years The New Plymouth Embroiderers’ Guild has been involved in many projects both large and small and has played a very active role in the community promoting the art of embroidery for all to enjoy.
New members are always welcome.
Contact: Mary Vinnicombe (Secretary)
Phone: 06 – 758 2525
Website: www.anzeg.org.nz