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dinosaur footprints: a story of discovery

16 February 2015 – 22 March 2015

 Level 2, Puke Ariki Museum

There was a time when dinosaurs walked New Zealand and at Puke Ariki we have the footprints to prove it! 
The dinosaur footprints at the centre of the exhibition are thought to be 70 million-years-old. They were discovered in sandstone cliffs in the north-west Nelson region by geologist Greg Browne in 2009. 

Thought to have been left by plant eating sauropods, the largest animals to ever roam the earth, the footprints are the first ever found in New Zealand. They are also the first evidence of dinosaurs in the South Island.

Check out the giant footprints that have amazed scientists around the world and see how you measure up against the touchable replicas.  

Dinosaur Footprints: A Story of Discovery is a national touring exhibition brought to you by GNS Science and New Zealand Oil & Gas and supported in Taranaki by Taranaki Regional Council.