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Anne Frank - A History for Today

4 February - 16 March 2012

Lane and Wall Galleries, North Wing, Puke Ariki


The story of Anne Frank has touched millions across the world and has become one of the most enduring of the Holocaust.

This exhibition dedicated to this amazing young girl and her diary, shown in more than 150 cities round the world before arriving in New Zealand, is aimed at people who aren't able to visit the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam.
Using more than 200 personal Frank family photographs and excerpts from Anne's famous diary, it tells Anne’s personal story against the backdrop of a general history of World War II and the Holocaust.
It details the Frank family's flight to The Netherlands from Nazi Germany and their two years spent hiding in the secret annexe at the rear of an office building. The exhibition also covers the stories of the people who helped them to hide, those who hid with them and captures the sudden betrayal that led to their transportation to concentration camps and the death of Anne, her sister Margot and her mother Edith.
A new half-hour documentary is also featured, telling the remarkable stories of six New Zealanders who survived the Holocaust or who helped people to hide. The film was specially made by well-known documentary producer Anna Cottrell with the help of Ian Fraser, to give visitors a New Zealand perspective.